My Flash Work

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This is a flash movie I made a few years ago and this is the best one I ever made, and I'll probably post the new versions as it gets better :) BANGO

This is a flash video not designed be me, and one I like very much, only from a different person who created it, and I think the music is very beautiful and has a great sound to it, as if for galloping on horses in the calf roping event

This is a flash movie I made a few years ago and I drew the horse and the man out of a book, and what came to my mind was, I decided to add a little Bonanza theme to it, to make it look interesting, probably for the horse, and the line of "keep the change" is from "Angles with Filthy Souls", a parody of the movie "Angels with Dirty Faces" in Home Alone, and yes, Black Beauty finds the man, Joe Green, by the end of the book "Black Beauty", and the horse head is just OK, and the Bonanza theme is just perfect for the horse, because Black Beauty ought to probably look like the perfect horse for the rodeo, as if for the event tie-down calf roping, and that would be the perfect horse for the rodeo in the calf roping event. This is the best video I ever made of Black Beauty, and this video ROCKS! THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO OF BLACK BEAUTY FINDS A MAN, BECAUSE IT JUST ROCKS TO BE BACK WITH THE MAN :)